Δευτέρα 30 Δεκεμβρίου 2019

Pictures that people in solitary confinement ask for

Artists and everyday people send images of life outside prison to inmates in solitary confinement.

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Hydrogen-powered drones could point way to future travel

Hydrogen-powered drones have several advantages to lithium ion-powered ones, says Dr Enass Abo-Hamed.

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The Syrian town with more cats than people

The few remaining inhabitants of a bombed-out Syrian town take comfort from hundreds, perhaps thousands, of cats.

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Tablets to smart speakers: The 2010s in spending

What did we buy and what did we leave on the shelf during a decade of invention and changing habits?

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Autism diagnosis: 'I want 40 years of my life back'

People diagnosed with autism in adulthood describe growing up believing they were "bad" or "alien".

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The decade in grime

Grime's prospects were shaky in 2010, but the genre has ended the decade triumphantly.

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'Why feeling the cold from a drinks can blew my mind'

Just before her first "handiversary", transplant miracle Cor Hutton explains why the smallest things mean so much.

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Browns fire first-year Kitchens after 6-10 finish

The Browns have fired coach Freddie Kitchens after one season, saying they "did not see the success or opportunities for improvement to move forward with him as our head coach."

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Banged-up Eagles keep rolling to clinch NFC East

Despite an avalanche of injuries and a barely recognizable offense, Carson Wentz and the Eagles muscled past the Giants 34-17 on Sunday to capture the NFC East title.

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2020 NFL draft order: Top 20 picks set, with Bengals and Redskins at the top

The Bengals are on the clock for April's draft, followed by the Redskins and Lions. Here is the final order for picks 1-20.

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NFL Playoff Picture: How We Got Here, Early Analysis of Upcoming Matchups

December 30, 2019 at 03:03AM

After plenty of action in Week 17, both expected (an Eagles win) and unexpected (a Dolphins win?!), the NFL playoff slate is one game away from being set. How did this all unfold?

An NFL season is hard to predict, but whether it is 2019 or ’29, one constant will hold true: Any given year hinges on the wild vacillations of Ryan Fitzpatrick. He is the gatekeeper, a niche component of the chaos theory, creating a perpetual state of disorder.

The Patriots found that out the hard way, losing a

27-24 stunner at home to the going-nowhere Dolphins thanks to a late touchdown drive from the freewheeling, lushly bearded quarterback. This momentary blip, combined with Chiefs’ 31-21 win over the Chargers, cost New England a first-round bye and the No. 2 seed. It will be the first time in a decade that the Patriots will be forced to pluck their way through the wild-card round of the NFL playoffs.

Elsewhere, the playoff field took shape close to the way we thought it would. The Eagles gutted out an ugly, rain-soaked victory over the Giants with a handful of practice squad players, due to injuries. Philadelphia enters the playoffs the way they have grown accustomed to: On the heels of a thrilling, underdog narrative that their fans will never fully appreciate as they gear themselves up to rip members of the roster whom they have only learned about a week ago.

The Titans clung to the final spot thanks, in part, to some gutsy throws by Ryan Tannehill and some incredible receiver play by A.J. Brown, an emerging star worth keeping an eye on in the playoffs (going against the Texans’ second stringers helps, too). Derrick Henry—who has had 100-yard games in five of his last six weeks, including a 188-yard game against the Chiefs, a 159-yard game against the Jaguars and a 149-yard game against the Colts—went for more than 200 yards and three touchdowns, securing the 2019 rushing title in the process. In a playoff field lacking a bit in marquee running back names (Alvin Kamara, Dalvin Cook, Aaron Jones and Mark Ingram notwithstanding), he could be one of the biggest singular forces to be reckoned with.

All of a sudden, a Patriots team that failed to defeat one former Bill Belichick disciple at season’s end, now faces another in Mike Vrabel in the wild-card round. The Titans have earned a reputation as aggressively middling over the last few years, but who is signing up to face them right now in the playoffs?

Here’s a look at the playoff slate as it stands right now. We’ll update directly following a consequential 49ers-Seahawks tilt on Sunday Night Football


1. Baltimore Ravens (BYE)

2. Kansas City Chiefs (BYE)

3. New England Patriots vs. 6. Tennessee Titans

4. Houston Texans vs. 5. Buffalo Bills


1. San Francisco 49ers (BYE)

2. Green Bay Packers (BYE)

3. New Orleans Saints vs. 6. Minnesota Vikings

4. Philadelphia Eagles vs. 5. Seattle Seahawks

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2020 NFL Draft Order: Bengals On the Clock With No. 1 Pick

December 30, 2019 at 02:55AM

Here's the 2020 NFL draft order for the first 20 picks of this year's event.

The NFL's regular season wrapped up on Sunday meaning that the top 20 picks of the 2020 NFL draft have been set. The order of the remaining 12 picks of the first round will be slotted based on playoff performance.

Cincinnati entered Week 17 having already clinched the No. 1 pick in the draft, but a number of changes occurred on Sunday. 

Here's the NFL draft order prior to the postseason results:

  1. Cincinnati (2-14)
  2. Washington (3-13)
  3. Detroit (3-12-1)
  4. NY Giants (4-12)
  5. Miami (5-11)
  6. LA Chargers (5-11)
  7. Carolina (5-11)
  8. Arizona (5-10-1)
  9. Jacksonville (6-10)
  10. Cleveland (6-10)
  11. NY Jets (7-9)
  12. Oakland (7-9)
  13. Indianapolis (7-9)
  14. Tampa Bay (7-9)
  15. Denver (7-9)
  16. Atlanta (7-9)
  17. Cowboys (8-8)
  18. Pittsburgh (to Miami) (8-8)
  19. Chicago (to Oakland) (8-8)
  20. LA Rams (to Jacksonville (9-7)


Browns Fire Freddie Kitchens After Disappointing Season

December 30, 2019 at 02:53AM

The Browns entered the 2019 season considered to be potential Super Bowl contenders, but will instead be looking for a new head coach after Freddie Kitchens' dismissal.

The Browns entered the 2019 season considered to be

among potential Super Bowl contenders. But after a 6-10 season, littered with inconsistent play and plenty of bad press, head coach Freddie Kitchens has been fired, the team announced Sunday.

"I would like to thank Freddie for his dedication and efforts this past season," general manager John Dorsey said in a statement. "We are disappointed in our results and feel a change is necessary. Freddie is a good man and good football coach. We wish he and his family nothing but success." 

Kitchens was in his first full season as the Browns' head coach after being promoted this past offseason.

On the field this year, the Browns' offense was in the bottom third of the league  and second-year QB Baker Mayfield failed to develop the way that many expected. 

Kitchens and his team also found themselves in the news throughout the year, for all the wrong reasons. Under the rookie head coach's watch, DE Myles Garrett was suspended indefinitely for striking Steelers QB Mason Rudolph with Rudolph's helmet. The coach was later spotted wearing a "Pittsburgh Started It" in the weeks following the incident. Safety Tahir Whitehead was released after directing death threats at fans on Twitter following a loss, reports surfaced that Odell Beckham Jr. was dealing with a "painful sports hernia injury since training camp and  Mayfield got into a spat with a local reporter, among other notable moments.

After the team's Week 16 loss to the Ravens which eliminated Cleveland from playoff contention, Kitchens insisted that the Browns were on their way to becoming consistent winners. 

"We’re really close, and sometimes that gets lost in the shuffle," he said. "But we know how close we are. Our players understand how close we are. Our players understand how they could do better. Coaches understand how they could do better, and whenever we get those things flipped, it will change."

But that change will not occur under Kitchens' watch. 

After falling 33-23 to the Bengals in Week 17, the Browns will now look to hire their eighth full-time coach since 2008.

Ο Κυριάκος Μητσοτάκης στην παρουσίαση της νέας oμάδας ΔΙΑΣ της ΕΛΑΣ - SKAI

Ο Κυριάκος Μητσοτάκης στην παρουσίαση της νέας oμάδας ΔΙΑΣ της ΕΛΑΣ  SKAIΠροβολή πλήρους κάλυψης στην εφαρμογή Ειδήσεις Google

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Κρήτη: Ποτάμια οι δρόμοι από την καταρρακτώδη βροχή (pics) - Newsbomb.gr

Κρήτη: Ποτάμια οι δρόμοι από την καταρρακτώδη βροχή (pics)  Newsbomb.grΠροβολή πλήρους κάλυψης στην εφαρμογή Ειδήσεις Google

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Απίστευτη ταλαιπωρία: Οδηγοί ανέβηκαν στον Ομαλό χωρίς αλυσίδες και εγκλωβίστηκαν από τα χιόνια [εικόνες] - iefimerida

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  2. Εγκλωβίστηκαν οδηγοί χωρίς αλυσίδες στον Ομαλό, γκρέιντερ έπαθε λάστιχο, φορτωτής δεν έχει φώτα (pics & vid)  gazzetta.gr
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  5. Αποκλεισμένοι εκδρομείς βάζουν… ρεφενέ για να μείνουν στα ξενοδοχεία του Ομαλού | Photos + Video  ZarpaNews
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18 Thoughts I Had While Rewatching The Pilot Of "The Secret Life Of The American Teenager"

I can't believe there was five seasons of this.

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Everyone's Either Like The Sun Or The Moon — Which Are You?

"In that moment, the moon and the sun shared the sky."

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Ten questions from the past 10 years

How well do you remember events in England from the past decade?

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MOTD2: Should offside be included in VAR? Keown & Wright can't agree

Match of the Day pundits Ian Wright and Martin Keown discuss changing the offside rule in light of recent VAR controversies in the Premier League.

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Beast Mode getting ready for his return


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«Πνίγηκε» η Κρήτη: Ποτάμια οι δρόμοι εξαιτίας καταρρακτώδους βροχής - In.gr

«Πνίγηκε» η Κρήτη: Ποτάμια οι δρόμοι εξαιτίας καταρρακτώδους βροχής  In.grΠροβολή πλήρους κάλυψης στην εφαρμογή Ειδήσεις Google

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Προβλήματα από τη Ζηνοβία που επιμένει μέχρι την Τρίτη - Η Εφημερίδα των Συντακτών

Προβλήματα από τη Ζηνοβία που επιμένει μέχρι την Τρίτη  Η Εφημερίδα των ΣυντακτώνΠροβολή πλήρους κάλυψης στην εφαρμογή Ειδήσεις Google

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