Πέμπτη, 23 Ιανουαρίου 2020

According To Famous Birthdays, These Are The Top 20 Most Popular Celebs — How Many Do You Recognize?

You've probably heard of most of them!

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This Makeup Artist Transformed Herself Into Timothée Chalamet

Brace yourselves.

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Eli's best: The moments that made him a Giants legend

Incredible Super Bowl throws to David Tyree and Mario Manningham were among the plays that cemented Eli Manning's legacy.

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Impeachment: Democrats reject witness swap in Trump trial

Joe Biden says he wants no part of "a farce or political theatre" in the Senate impeachment case.

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Yad Vashem: Why Poland won't be attending Holocaust memorial

Poland's president has snubbed an Israeli event to mark the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.

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26 Of The Spiciest Movie Opinions That Have Ever Been Tweeted

They said what they said!

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Jessica Simpson Says She Deleted John Mayer's Number After His Controversial "Sexual Napalm" Comments

“I erased his number. He made it easy for me to walk away.”

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Plan A Super Bowl Party And We'll Tell You Where You Should Honeymoon

Is it the halftime show yet?

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22 Reasons San Miguel De Allende, Mexico, Should Be At The Top Of Your Bucket List

Pack your bags and don't forget your shades, 'cause this trip to Mexico is going to be bright.

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Pressure on Solskjaer as Man United fan anger intensifies

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will always be a United legend and fan ire is more toward Ed Woodward and the Glazers, but Old Trafford is not a happy place.

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Flyers' Mascot Gritty Under Investigation for Alleged Assault

January 23, 2020 at 01:47AM

The Philadelphia Flyers' mascot, Gritty, is accused of punching a 13-year-old boy "as hard as he could."

PHILADELPHIA — Philadelphia Flyers mascot Gritty is under investigation for allegedly assaulting a 13-year-old boy during a photo shoot, police said.

Chris Greenwell and his son Brandon met the hairy, googly-eyed mascot at a November event for season ticket holders. Brandon patted Gritty on the head after he and his father posed for a photo with him at the Wells Fargo Center, Greenwell told

The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Greenwell said that as Brandon walked away, Gritty ran out of his chair and “punched my son as hard as he could.”

Greenwell, who told the newspaper that he only wanted an apology and something special for his son, filed a complaint with police Dec. 21. A police spokesperson said Tuesday that the investigation is “active and ongoing.”

Officials at Comcast Spectacor, the company that owns the Flyers, said it conducted an investigation but could not verify whether the alleged assault happened.

“We took Mr. Greenwell’s allegations seriously and conducted a thorough investigation that found nothing to support this claim,” a Flyers spokesperson said in an emailed statement.

Σεισμός νοτιοδυτικά της Ζακύνθυ (pics) - Newsbomb.gr

Σεισμός νοτιοδυτικά της Ζακύνθυ (pics)  Newsbomb.gr

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Αστυνομικοί από την Ευρώπη θα συμμετάσχουν στο EuroPride Θεσσαλονίκης - News.in.gr

Αστυνομικοί από την Ευρώπη θα συμμετάσχουν στο EuroPride Θεσσαλονίκης  News.in.gr

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Super League 1, Παναθηναϊκός-Ατρόμητος: 1-0 (Β' ημίχρονο) - Πρώτο ΘΕΜΑ

Super League 1, Παναθηναϊκός-Ατρόμητος: 1-0 (Β' ημίχρονο)  Πρώτο ΘΕΜΑ

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Μηταράκης για μεταναστευτικό: Η αντίδραση των πολιτών στα νησιά είναι δικαιολογημένη - iefimerida

  1. Μηταράκης για μεταναστευτικό: Η αντίδραση των πολιτών στα νησιά είναι δικαιολογημένη  iefimerida
  2. Mηταράκης για μεταναστευτικό : Κλειστά κέντρα & επιστροφές  The TOC
  3. Μηταράκης: Δικαιολογημένη η αγανάκτηση των πολιτών στα νησιά του βορειοανατολικού Αιγαίου  CNN Greece
  4. Mηταράκης: «Κλειστά κέντρα και ταχείες επιστροφές» για όσους δεν δικαιούνται άσυλο  Πρώτο ΘΕΜΑ
  5. Μηταράκης: Δικαιολογημένες οι αντιδράσεις των νησιωτών για το προσφυγικό  /entertainment.in.gr
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Συγκέντρωση διαμαρτυρίας για το προσφυγικό στη Μυτιλήνη (φωτογραφίες) - Η Καθημερινή

Συγκέντρωση διαμαρτυρίας για το προσφυγικό στη Μυτιλήνη (φωτογραφίες)  Η ΚαθημερινήΠροβολή πλήρους κάλυψης στην εφαρμογή Ειδήσεις Google

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Ημαθία – Μπήκε στην τουαλέτα του τρένου και αυτό που του συνέβη θα το θυμάται για καιρό [pics] - Newsit

Ημαθία – Μπήκε στην τουαλέτα του τρένου και αυτό που του συνέβη θα το θυμάται για καιρό [pics]  NewsitΠροβολή πλήρους κάλυψης στην εφαρμογή Ειδήσεις Google

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Όταν η Σακελλαροπούλου μιλούσε για τους «δράκους» της ανάπτυξης - Athens Voice Online

  1. Όταν η Σακελλαροπούλου μιλούσε για τους «δράκους» της ανάπτυξης  Athens Voice Online
  2. ΔιαΝΕΟσις για Σακελλαροπούλου: Έχει εκπονήσει μελέτη για τα προβλήματα στο δικαστικό σύστημα  Πρώτο ΘΕΜΑ
  3. Οι απόψεις της Αικατερίνης Σακελλαροπούλου για μια Σύγχρονη και Αποτελεσματική Δικαιοσύνη  SKAI
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Βάρη: Αυτόπτης μάρτυρας περιγράφει στο newsit.gr τις κινήσεις των εκτελεστών - Newsit

  1. Βάρη: Αυτόπτης μάρτυρας περιγράφει στο newsit.gr τις κινήσεις των εκτελεστών  Newsit
  2. Ο άνθρωπος που είδε τους εκτελεστές στη Βάρη: «Ήταν πειθαρχημένοι, στρατός»  Newsbeast.gr
  3. Δολοφονία στη Βάρη : Μαρτυρία – σοκ αυτόπτη μάρτυρα – Πού στρέφονται οι Αρχές  /entertainment.in.gr
  4. Δολοφονία στη Βάρη: Πώς περιέγραψε τους δολοφόνους αυτόπτης μάρτυρας  Τα Νέα Οnline
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People Have Been Talking Non-Stop About “The Circle” On Netflix, So I Watched Episode 1

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Pick 6 Love Songs From Different Decades And We'll Guess Your Relationship Status With 90% Accuracy

A love song through the ages.

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Only A True Gleek Will Be Able To Identify These 20 Minor Characters

Gleeks, front and center!

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Atlanta FaZe No. 1 in Call of Duty League preseason coaches poll

We polled coaches from around the Call of Duty League to get their take on who's the best heading into the first season of the CDL.

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Τετάρτη, 22 Ιανουαρίου 2020

New 'transformational' code to protect children's privacy online

Future generations will be "astonished" to think we did not protect kids, the information commissioner says.

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China coronavirus: What we know so far

The BBC's online health editor explains what we know about the coronavirus.

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Australia fires: How ravaged bushland is already regenerating

Australia's bushfire crisis has crippled habitats, but there are also remarkable signs of life.

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The Sudanese women breaking taboos by playing football

Women in Sudan are taking on the patriarchy and challenging social norms.

from BBC News - Home https://ift.tt/30Hwhkp

Risking my life to protect Congo's rainforest

How a conservationist tried to protect Congo's rainforest during the country's civil war

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These glasses are made of something we usually throw away

Leftovers from a popular drink are collected and used to create these sunglasses

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Former Mississippi State Wide Receiver De'Runnya Wilson Killed in Homicide

January 22, 2020 at 02:53AM

Wilson caught 132 passes for 1,936 yards in three seasons with the Bulldogs from 2013-15.

Former Mississippi State wide receiver De’Runnya Wilson was killed in a homicide on Tuesday,

Birmingham, Ala. police confirmed. 

Wilson found unresponsive by a relative, per Birmingham police. He was 25. 

Wilson played for the Bulldogs from 2013–15, and he was a member of the 2014 team that was ranked No. 1 in the nation from Oct. 13 to Nov. 10. Wilson caught 132 passes in three seasons at Mississippi State, tallying 1,936 yards and 10 touchdowns. 

Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott was Wilson's teammates in Starkville for three straight seasons. The duo posted a 26–13 record alongside former head coach Dan Mullen. 

Wilson briefly appeared in the Arena Football League after going undrafted in 2016

34 Of The Most Hilarious "The Good Place" Jokes Of All Time

THIS is the Good Place.

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This Quiz Will Reveal What Your Cell Phone Wallpaper Should Be


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Braves Sign OF Marcell Ozuna to One-Year, $18 Million Deal

January 22, 2020 at 02:24AM

The 29-year-old outfielder hit 29 home runs and posted an .800 OPS with the Cardinals in 2019.

The Braves signed outfielder Marcell Ozuna to a one-year, $18 million contract on Tuesday,

Atlanta announced. The two-time All-Star played the last two seasons in St. Louis after five seasons in Miami.  

Ozuna hit 29 home runs and drove in 89 RBI in 2019. He posted a .779 OPS in two seasons with the Cardinals, adding a combined 52 doubles. 

Atlanta adds Ozuna after winning back-to-back National League East titles in 2018 and 2019. The Braves will put the 29-year-old in the outfield alongside 22-year-old phenom Ronald Acuna and either Nick Markakis or Ender Inciarte. Acuna and Co. were knocked out of the playoffs in the NLDS in each of the last two seasons. 

Ozuna posted his best season in 2017 before joining the Cardinals. He bashed 37 homers for the Marlins while driving in 124 runs, finishing 15th in the NL MVP vote. 

ΣΟΚ: Άγρια επίθεση σκύλου σε 7χρονο αγοράκι μπροστά στα μάτια του πατέρα του (pics) - Newsbomb.gr

ΣΟΚ: Άγρια επίθεση σκύλου σε 7χρονο αγοράκι μπροστά στα μάτια του πατέρα του (pics)  Newsbomb.gr

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Τούρκοι και Ιταλοί ψαράδες παραβιάζουν τα ελληνικά χωρικά ύδατα - Πρώτο ΘΕΜΑ

  1. Τούρκοι και Ιταλοί ψαράδες παραβιάζουν τα ελληνικά χωρικά ύδατα  Πρώτο ΘΕΜΑ
  2. Γάζα: Τρεις Παλαιστίνιοι νεκροί από ισραηλινά πυρά - Κόσμος | News 24/7  NEWS 24/7
  3. Ισραήλ: Τρεις Παλαιστίνιοι σκοτώθηκαν από ισραηλινά πυρά κοντά στα σύνορα της Γάζας  Zougla
  4. Ελίνα Κωνσταντοπούλου: Η Ρούλα Κορομηλά με έβλεπε σαν μύγα  Πρώτο ΘΕΜΑ
  5. Γάζα: Τρεις νεκροί Παλαιστίνιοι από ισραηλινά πυρά!  Newsit
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ΓΑΔΑ: Το πρώτο δεκαπενθήμερο του Ιανουαρίου συνελήφθησαν 1.249 άτομα - iefimerida

  1. ΓΑΔΑ: Το πρώτο δεκαπενθήμερο του Ιανουαρίου συνελήφθησαν 1.249 άτομα  iefimerida
  2. ΕΛΑΣ: Σε δύο εβδομάδες συνελήφθησαν 1.249 άτομα στην Αττική  Πρώτο ΘΕΜΑ
  3. ΓΑΔΑ: 1.249 συλλήψεις έως τις 15 Ιανουαρίου για διάφορα αδικήματα στην Αττική  Δυτικές ματιές
  4. ΕΛ.ΑΣ.: 1249 συλλήψεις το πρώτο δεκαπενθήμερο του Ιουνίου  Ethnos
  5. ΕΛ.ΑΣ.: Σε 15μέρες συνελήφθησαν 1.249 άτομα - Έγκλημα | News 24/7  NEWS 24/7
  6. Προβολή πλήρους κάλυψης στην εφαρμογή Ειδήσεις Google

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«Περίπατος» για τη Σάκκαρη στη Μελβούρνη: 2-0 στα σετ την Γκασπαριάν - Πρώτο ΘΕΜΑ

  1. «Περίπατος» για τη Σάκκαρη στη Μελβούρνη: 2-0 στα σετ την Γκασπαριάν  Πρώτο ΘΕΜΑ
  2. Ασημίνα Ουστάλλι από το Master Chef: Η πρόταση στην Ελβετία με 7.000 ευρώ τον μήνα  Πρώτο ΘΕΜΑ
  3. Το Basketball Champions League αλλάζει επίπεδο  Πρώτο ΘΕΜΑ
  4. Ευρωπαϊκός Οργανισμός Φαρμάκων: Ανακαλεί τζελ ύποπτο για καρκίνο του δέρματος  Πρώτο ΘΕΜΑ
  5. Ευαγγελία Αραβανή: Τι της λείπει από το My Style Rocks  Πρώτο ΘΕΜΑ
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Ηράκλειο: Το κινητό ανατινάχθηκε και έγινε άμορφη μάζα - Newsit

  1. Ηράκλειο: Το κινητό ανατινάχθηκε και έγινε άμορφη μάζα  Newsit
  2. Σοκ για εργάτη στην Κρήτη – Εξερράγη το κινητό του! | Photo  ZarpaNews
  3. Ηράκλειο: Το κινητό ανατινάχθηκε και έγινε άμορφη μάζα - Dikaiologitika News | Ειδήσεις  Dikaiologitika News
  4. Τον παράξενο θόρυβο στο κινητό ακολούθησε η...έκρηξη  Cretalive.gr
  5. Προβολή πλήρους κάλυψης στην εφαρμογή Ειδήσεις Google

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20 "Me Practicing" Memes That Are Clever, Funny, And Awkward

Me practicing finding the funniest tweets.

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Who Do You Think Will Win In The Big Four Categories At The 2020 Grammy Awards?

Take a guess!

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Pretend You're Going To Galaxy's Edge And We'll Reveal Your Star Wars Character Identity

Batuu gonna do?

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Sex Ed Teachers — What Are You Teaching Today's Kids About Sex?

What does sex education look like in 2020?

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Braves give Ozuna $18 million contract for 2020

Outfielder Marcell Ozuna, who hit 29 home runs for the Cardinals last season, will play for the Atlanta Braves in 2020 on one-year contract worth $18 million contract.

from www.espn.com - TOP https://ift.tt/2RgC911

Super-rich elites making London 'off-limits'

Moving to London is unaffordable for those from poorer backgrounds, says social mobility report.

from BBC News - Home https://ift.tt/38qSwh8

Dementia patients being 'dumped in hospital'

One in 10 dementia patients spends over a month in hospital after being admitted as an emergency.

from BBC News - Home https://ift.tt/2twmD8e

Warning over youth career aspiration-reality disconnect

Five times as many want to work in art, entertainment and sport as there are jobs, a study suggests.

from BBC News - Home https://ift.tt/2Rg60GM

Τρίτη, 21 Ιανουαρίου 2020

Πρόστιμο σε Λέσχη Καπνιστών από την Εθνική Αρχή Διαφάνειας - Documento

  1. Πρόστιμο σε Λέσχη Καπνιστών από την Εθνική Αρχή Διαφάνειας  Documento
  2. Αντικαπνιστικός νόμος: «Πόλεμος» για τις λέσχες καπνιστών - Έρχονται πρόστιμα και μπαράζ ελέγχων  Πρώτο ΘΕΜΑ
  3. Αντικαπνιστικός νόμος: Τσουχτερά πρόστιμα για τους παραβάτες - Τι συμβαίνει με τις Λέσχες Καπνιστών  www.enikos.gr
  4. «Πόλεμος» για τις λέσχες καπνιστών -Το σχέδιο για να μπει «φρένο», τι είναι τα τριπλά πρόστιμα  iefimerida
  5. Πρόστιμα … «φωτιά στα σαββατόβραδα» σε «Λέσχες Καπνιστών»  Iatropedia
  6. Προβολή πλήρους κάλυψης στην εφαρμογή Ειδήσεις Google

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Καμπάνα 6.000 ευρώ σε λέσχη καπνιστών στη Θεσσαλονίκη - Voria

Καμπάνα 6.000 ευρώ σε λέσχη καπνιστών στη Θεσσαλονίκη  Voria

from Ελλάδα - Πιο πρόσφατα - Ειδήσεις Google https://ift.tt/2v1Ecx6

Εν ψυχρώ εκτέλεση στα Βλάχικα: Τους σκότωσαν μπροστά στις οικογένειές τους – Νέα στοιχεία - Newsbomb.gr

Εν ψυχρώ εκτέλεση στα Βλάχικα: Τους σκότωσαν μπροστά στις οικογένειές τους – Νέα στοιχεία  Newsbomb.grΠροβολή πλήρους κάλυψης στην εφαρμογή Ειδήσεις Google

from Ελλάδα - Πιο πρόσφατα - Ειδήσεις Google https://ift.tt/38sd7S2

Καιρός: Βαθμιαία εξασθένηση ανέμων την Τρίτη - Λίγες βροχές στα ανατολικά - Καιρός | News 24/7 - NEWS 24/7

Καιρός: Βαθμιαία εξασθένηση ανέμων την Τρίτη - Λίγες βροχές στα ανατολικά - Καιρός | News 24/7  NEWS 24/7Προβολή πλήρους κάλυψης στην εφαρμογή Ειδήσεις Google

from Ελλάδα - Πιο πρόσφατα - Ειδήσεις Google https://ift.tt/30DrOiJ

Ισχυρός αντικυκλώνας σχηματίζεται στη Δυτική Ευρώπη - Πρώτο ΘΕΜΑ

  1. Ισχυρός αντικυκλώνας σχηματίζεται στη Δυτική Ευρώπη  Πρώτο ΘΕΜΑ
  2. Η ΑΕΚ τα δίνει... όλα για τον Τάνκοβιτς  Πρώτο ΘΕΜΑ
  3. Κεραμέως: Στόχος μας ένα καινοτόμο, εξωστρεφές πανεπιστήμιο  Πρώτο ΘΕΜΑ
  4. Super League 1, Ατρόμητος-Βόλος: Όλα στο...zero  Πρώτο ΘΕΜΑ
  5. Η Πάμελα Άντερσον θυμήθηκε τις ένδοξες ημέρες του Baywatch - Δείτε το βίντεο  Πρώτο ΘΕΜΑ
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ΑΣΕΠ: Έρχονται 13.818 μόνιμες προσλήψεις - Δείτε τις ειδικότητες - Newsbomb.gr

  1. ΑΣΕΠ: Έρχονται 13.818 μόνιμες προσλήψεις - Δείτε τις ειδικότητες  Newsbomb.gr
  2. ΑΣΕΠ: Θέσεις εργασίας στο Δημόσιο, οι προκηρύξεις που τρέχουν για προσλήψεις σε δήμους και φορείς - Dikaiologitika News | Ειδήσεις  Dikaiologitika News
  3. ΑΣΕΠ: Έρχονται χιλιάδες μόνιμες προσλήψεις εντός του έτους - Dikaiologitika News | Ειδήσεις  Dikaiologitika News
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How Deep the Chiefs' Love for Patrick Mahomes Went Before the 2017 Draft

January 21, 2020 at 03:31AM

Also some notes on potential jobs for Chiefs QBs coach Mike Kafka, Jed York’s appreciation for Nick Bosa, what Anthony Weaver's promotion means for the Texans and more.

One more game to go …

• With the Patrick Mahomes hype set to shift into overdrive, allow me to kick things off with a story on how deep the Chiefs’ work on him ahead of the 2017 draft went. It was, in fact, right after the 2016 draft—12 months before Kansas City pulled its dramatic move up the board to land the Texas Tech star—that the groundwork was initially laid. 

Then-co-director of player personnel Brett Veach was among a group of scouts who were doing early film work that May, and it started with the quarterbacks. Mahomes’s sophomore tape immediately caught his eye, to the point where he’d text Andy Reid clips and drop Mahomes’s name to assistant coaches Matt Nagy and Brad Childress enough to get everyone’s attention. That fall, then-director of football operations Chris Ballard got a live look at Mahomes and came away as smitten as Veach was. Ballard wound up leaving for the Colts in January 2017, but the momentum Mahomes had built in the Chiefs’ building sustained. Kansas City kept the circle tight on its affection for Mahomes—and having one of Reid’s most-trusted ex-lieutenants, Buffalo coach Sean McDermott, on the other end, running the show for a promising potential trade partner, helped to divert those on the outside from knowing where the Chiefs were planning on going. In the end, you could say it worked out.

• Chiefs QBs coach Mike Kafka bears watching over the next couple weeks. The Eagles have an offensive coordinator opening. And while Doug Pederson and Kafka missed each other in KC—Pederson left after 2015, Kafka got there in 2017—the ex-Philly quarterback’s knowledge of Pederson’s system, and the more recent innovations Reid’s brought to it with the Chiefs, would make him a sensible addition for the staff there. Timing, of course, would be complicated, with Kafka coaching in the Super Bowl in 13 days.

• I appreciated the honesty 49ers CEO Jed York showed in

this morning’s column, flat out saying that he felt all of this was possible “when Arizona drafted Kyler Murray.” And obviously, saying that sort of thing was a great display of how the Niners felt about Nick Bosa back in March and April, and what they’ve gotten from him since. Which is why, after York said it, I decided to go run it by Bosa himself. “Obviously there's more to (winning the NFC title) than that, but, I mean, it's really cool to be a part of this team,” Bosa said. “So many good veterans, so many good young guys. I came to the right place. And for Jed to say that, it means the world to me. He's been through a lot this year, so just to bring this to this franchise is pretty awesome.”

• Wanna really go nuts with the season the Niners have? Just take a look at how close they were to heading for Miami at 18–0. They have three losses on the year—one in overtime to the Seahawks, another on a long last-second field goal in Baltimore, and the third on a review at the end of the game against Atlanta. “Even my Super Bowl year, I think there were three or four clunkers where we really just didn't come to play,” GM John Lynch said, in a quiet moment postgame. “This team, every game—maybe the Atlanta game the energy wasn't right, but even that game we were up 10 with eight minutes left. We screwed it up. But you won in such a variety of ways: shootout against Drew Brees, the game in the rain against the Redskins, the 9–0 game, running the ball, throwing the ball, defensively. When you can win in a variety of ways, you've got a chance every week and that gives you a ton of confidence.”

• Getting Vikings assistant GM George Paton to interview despite his concerns with the organization was a little like getting Patriots OC Josh McDaniels to show up for Cleveland—it’s a win, even if it doesn’t result in a hire. Paton’s as well-respected as they come and, like McDaniels, has been selective in the past. Obviously, his relationship with new Cleveland coach Kevin Stefanski helps. And he’ll tell those with the Browns what they need to hear, rather than what they want to hear. We’ll see where this goes. My feeling is the Browns probably still have some convincing to do. Getting Paton would help to heal a lot that’s gone wrong the last couple weeks.

• New Houston defensive coordinator Anthony Weaver is certainly highly regarded—a former player, the promoted line coach is smart, respected and considered a good teacher who’s done well developing young guys. But obviously, there are larger questions with this being the second piece of turnover in the last couple days. Departing capologist Chris Olsen was one of the guys let go, and part of the layer of department chiefs that owner Cal McNair put atop his flat organizational structure (as are coach Bill O’Brien, EVP Jack Easterby, and scouting directors Matt Bazirgan and James Liipfert). Where will this all go? Many in NFL circles think that will remain up in the air until the fate of Patriots director of player personnel Nick Caserio, whose contract is up in May, is determined.

• NFL scouts are out working the XFL circuit already, with scrimmages held over the last few days. I’d expect the level of talent out there to be similar to what you saw in the AAF last year. And there were guys that came out of those ranks last spring that became factors in the NFL in the fall. Eagles receiver Greg Ward was one. Niners tackle Daniel Brunskill, who was a valuable fill-in when San Francisco lost its tackles, is another.

• Since we didn’t address the Luke Kuechly retirement in the morning column—I always have something I forget to put in there, and we led last week’s mailbag with a piece on him—I figured this would be a good place to pass along more memories of his career, these from Bills GM Brandon Beane, who was director of football operations and assistant GM in Carolina during Kuechly’s first six years. “He’s the rare guy who had it all,” said Beane. “He’s super smart, his instincts are a 12 on a scale of 1–10 and his work ethic’s at the same level. And it’s very rare that someone with the instincts, smarts and athleticism he had still has drive like he did. On Thursday nights during the week, I’d walk down there and he’s got every linebacker still there with them, teaching them how to watch film, what to look for. The coaches would be gone, and I’d see them grabbing food that was set out for the coaches and going back to work. I don’t know many like him. Usually people that have the talent might not have the same drive. So he had the whole thing and he wanted to help others.” 

To that end, Beane remembered a good example of that from the 2015 NFC title game. Kuechly picked the ball off and ran it all the way back—the game was pretty much done, the Panthers were going to the Super Bowl. And as he ran through the end zone, a fan who was, let’s say, overserved tumbled from the stands. Instead of celebrating, Kuechly stopped, went over, and helped the guy back to his seat. “That’s Luke Kuechly in a nutshell,” said Beane. And maybe the highest compliment Beane could give Kuechly—in 2018, as badly as he and Sean McDermott wanted find a quarterback for the offense, they just as much wanted one for their defense, because they saw the difference a good one could make. Which is part of why they traded up for Tremaine Edmunds.

• I mentioned in the All-32, how the Titans have some complex decisions to make on free agents this March—with quarterback Ryan Tannehill and tailback Derrick Henry topping the list. And I shouldn’t have forgotten right tackle Jack Conklin. The offensive line was a strength of that team down the stretch, and Conklin was GM Jon Robinson’s first draft pick in Nashville. They declined his fifth-year option last season, largely for health reasons. That decision, after a healthy year for Conklin, could cost them now.

• While we’re there, the Packers have a decision to make on a right tackle of their own—with 31-year-old bedrock Bryan Bulaga up. Given what linemen have made on the market the last couple years, and the shortage of good ones across the NFL, both guys would be wise to test the market before deciding whether or not to stay in their current locales (where they do happen to be good fits).

Question or comment? Email us at talkback@themmqb.com.

Workplace bullying: 'Fear is the biggest factor'

A quarter of employees think their firm turns a blind eye to workplace harassment, says a report.

from BBC News - Home https://ift.tt/2G9VOJu

Call to tax 'hidden' sugar in pre-mixed alcoholic drinks

Some cans of spirits and cocktails sold in shops and supermarkets contain eight teaspoons of sugar.

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26 Products That Will Help Solve All Your Winter-Related Woes

The term "winter wonderland" can finally feel like a real thing.

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18 Tweets That Prove Parents Are The Funniest People On The Planet

"None of the parenting books tell you that your 2-year-old will name her feet Tommy (R) and Omar (L), yet here we are."

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Follow live: Celtics looking to end three-game skid vs. LeBron, Lakers


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Everyone Is Either Babu Frik Or Baby Yoda — Who Are You?


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We'll Tell You Which House Plant You Should Get Based On Your Hipster Choices

Peace Lily? Spider Plant?

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Αντικαπνιστικός νόμος: Το πρώτο πρόστιμο σε Λέσχη Καπνιστών -«Καμπάνα» 2.000 ευρώ - iefimerida

Αντικαπνιστικός νόμος: Το πρώτο πρόστιμο σε Λέσχη Καπνιστών -«Καμπάνα» 2.000 ευρώ  iefimerida

from Ελλάδα - Πιο πρόσφατα - Ειδήσεις Google https://ift.tt/2Rbo2tW

How Chandler Parsons Could Be Compensated Following Career-Threatening Car Accident

January 21, 2020 at 02:06AM

The 31-year-old Hawks forward could be compensated handsomely after suffering several injuries in a car accident that puts his NBA career in jeopardy.

A car accident involving Atlanta Hawks forward Chandler Parsons has caused the 31-year-old former University of Florida star to

suffer serious head and back injuries. It might also spark a legal fight over millions of dollars.

Information about the accident is contained in a press release issued by Morgan & Morgan, one of the nation’s largest personal injury firms. According to the release, Parsons retained attorneys John Morgan and Nick Panagakis in the aftermath of a terrible incident. Parsons, his attorneys note, was driving home from a Hawks practice at about 2 p.m. on Jan. 15 when he was involved in a three-car collision at a busy intersection in Atlanta’s Brookhaven neighborhood. The accident was allegedly caused by a drunk driver. This driver, whose name has not been released but is a male, was charged with driving under the influence and cited for failure to yield while turning left. Alcohol was found in his car and he apparently admitted to drinking.

The Atlanta-Journal Constitution has obtained the police report from the incident. It supplies additional details. The at-fault driver made a left turn into traffic, which precipitated the crash. Police found the driver knocked unconscious from the crash. Inside his car, police discovered a 7-Up bottle containing alcohol while “the heavy odor of alcohol” reeked throughout the vehicle. Neither Parson nor the driver of the third car was cited by police. The report also indicates that Parsons declined to be taken by ambulance to a hospital for treatment.

According to his attorneys, Parsons suffered life-altering and potentially career-ending injuries in the crash. Traumatic brain injury, disc herniation and a torn labrum are among the injuries. The degree of injuries is graver than was assumed last week when the Hawks announced the placement of Parsons in the NBA’s concussion protocol due to whiplash caused by a car wreck.

As a contextual point, a press release issued by a law firm about a client should be viewed in the appropriate light. A law firm has ethical and professional duties to aggressively advocate—“zealously advocate," per the Model Rules of Professional Conduct—on behalf of a client. A law firm is not a neutral narrator of past events involving a client. None of this is to suggest that Parsons didn’t suffer the severity of injuries described by his attorneys or that he is in any way responsible for his injuries (or those of anyone else injured in the three-car wreck), but the fact-pattern will be subject to greater scrutiny in the weeks and months ahead.

One certain fact that reflects favorably on Parsons is that law enforcement declined to cite him for violating a criminal statute or a traffic ordinance. The absence of legal fault helps to corroborate the narrative shaped by Parsons’s attorneys.

The rise and fall of Chandler Parsons’s NBA career

The NBA career of Chandler Parsons has two parts. They could be labeled “the good” and “the bad.” This point could become relevant should Parsons sue the driver. More on that below.

A second-round pick by the Houston Rockets in the 2011 NBA draft, Parsons vastly exceeded expectations during his first five NBA seasons. He proved to be a dynamic and reliable wing, first for the Rockets and then the Dallas Mavericks. Parsons was often praised for highly proficient three-point shooting (he connected on 41.4% of his three-point attempts in the 2015-16 season). He also battled on-going knee issues, and his right knee underwent multiple procedures. Still, Parsons managed to play in 83% of his teams’ regular-season games from 2011 to 2016. He seemed poised to have a long and successful career.

The peak of Parsons’s NBA career likely occurred in the summer of 2016 when he became a free agent. It was at that time when the Memphis Grizzlies signed Parsons to a max four-year, $94 million guaranteed contract.

The Grizzlies would come to rue the signing. Unfortunately for Parsons—as well as for his Grizzlies teammates and coaches—his health and ability entered a downward spiral.

To that point, Parsons missed large segments of the 2016-17, 2017-18 and 2018-19 seasons with various injuries, including continued problems with his right knee and a torn meniscus in his left knee. Parsons appeared in only 95 regular-season games during that time, meaning he missed 61% of Grizzlies games. When available to play, Parsons also didn’t play particularly well. Both his field goal and three-point percentages plummeted. He struggled in other aspects of the game, too.

The Grizzlies traded Parsons last July to the Hawks in a deal for two other under-performing players, Solomon Hill and Miles Plumlee. The move created an additional $200,000 in salary cap space for the Hawks. They gave up a combined $25.3 million in salary for Parsons, who is being paid $25.1 million in the final season of his four-year deal. The trade also freed up a roster spot for the Hawks. In other words, the Hawks made the deal more for cap and roster reasons than for Parsons.

Parsons has played sparingly with the Hawks, who currently possess the NBA’s second-worst record (10-33). He has accumulated a total of just 54 minutes over five games, shooting a horrid 28% from the field. His latest injuries probably mean his season is over.

Legal and contract reasons for Parsons to ensure that blame falls exclusively onto the drunk driver

There are a number of reasons why it’s important for Parsons to establish that he is the victim of an unlawful act.

First, Parsons wants to prevent the possibility that he is deemed in any way at fault for the accident and subsequent injuries. Keep in mind, an accident involving three cars sometimes leads to a finding that multiple drivers were at fault. Such a possibility seems unlikely here. Law enforcement declined to cite Parsons. Also, the person found to be at fault was driving drunk. Still, if anyone else was injured in the accident, Parsons—who has earned over $100 million in his NBA career—could become a target for blame. The fact that law enforcement did not blame Parsons doesn’t automatically guarantee a jury would reach the same conclusion in a civil case.

With that in mind, Parsons has the final months of a lucrative NBA contract to protect. Paragraph 12 of the uniform player contract notes that an NBA player must refrain from “activities [that] may impair or destroy his ability and skill as a basketball player.” Players who disregard that warning and suffer substantial injuries can become at risk of losing their contracts. A finding of reckless driving by an NBA player could count as a dangerous activity. Again, this concern doesn’t appear to be relevant to Parsons given what is known about the accident. His inability to play for the remainder of the season shouldn’t trigger adverse contractual consequences.

Besides, the National Basketball Players’ Association would vigorously fight any attempt by a team to void a player’s guaranteed contract. To the extent teams have been able to exit a deal, the circumstances have been exceptional. They have also led to contract buyouts rather than contract terminations.

In 2004, for example, the Chicago Bulls and point guard Jay Williams negotiated a buyout after he was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident (riding a motorcycle is prohibited under paragraph 12). Williams was reportedly paid $3 million of a deal that had $7.7 million remaining. That same year, the Boston Celtics agreed to pay Vin Baker $16 million of the $35 million remaining on his contract. Baker had struggled with alcohol issues and failed to report to practices. More recently, in 2015, Larry Sanders and the Milwaukee Bucks negotiated a settlement whereby the team agreed to pay him $22 million on a deal that had $44 million remaining. Sanders wished to step aside from his NBA career as he dealt with anxiety and other health issues. Neither Parsons nor his representatives want to provide any plausible opening for the Hawks to seek to terminate a contract that still owes him millions of dollars.

Second, Parsons wants to prevent any companies with which he has signed endorsement deals from using his situation to his detriment. During his NBA career, Parsons has signed endorsements with Nike and the Chinese brand Anta, among other companies. Any brands that currently pay Parsons for his sponsorship might be displeased with his disappointing play and general unavailability in recent seasons. Endorsement deals with established brands usually contain “morals clauses.” These clauses allow the endorsed company to terminate or suspend the contract if the player engages in controversial conduct. Parsons’s attorneys establishing that their client is a victim ensures that no such clause could be invoked.

Third, Parsons may have at some point purchased permanent total disability insurance policy (the Hawks might have obtained a similar insurance policy on Parsons’s contract). This type of insurance contemplates a player suffering a career-ending injury. Should the injury manifest, the player is paid a lump sum of money. These policies sometimes contain language that limits or denies payment when the policyholder is responsible for his or her own injuries through misconduct.

As described by his attorneys, the injuries that befell Parsons could end his career. A herniated disc, for example, can lead to long-term or permanent nerve damage felt in one’s arms, hands, legs or feet. If Parsons has purchased an insurance policy, he would need to submit to medical evaluations to assess the severity of his injuries and the validity of his claim.

Fourth, Parsons could sue the DUI driver for millions of dollars. Parsons could demand compensation for pain and suffering. He could also seek compensation for lost career opportunities that might have occurred after his contract expires at the end of the season. His ability to prove the severity of his injuries would be important. Attorneys for the DUI driver would attempt to downplay them and possibly highlight that Parsons declined to be transported to a hospital after the accident.

If a lawsuit ever went to trial, the value of Parsons’s future opportunities would invite conflicting expert testimony. Experts would likely include former team executives and agents paid to offer competing accounts of Parsons's basketball future.

On one hand, it’s possible that even if the crash hadn’t occurred, Parsons's NBA career would be over once his contract runs out this summer. As detailed above, Parsons has encountered a number of knee injuries in recent years. When healthy enough to play, Parsons hasn’t played well. To that point, it’s not a plus for Parsons’s attorneys that their client has played only 54 minutes for the NBA’s second-worst team this season.

Parsons is also 31 and he’ll turn 32 in October. Competition for NBA roster spots doesn’t get easier as players age. Each year a new set of talented and young players enter the pool of players competing for a finite number of spots with NBA teams. Meanwhile, players in their early-to-mid-30s often lose a bit of the athleticism that made them effective during their 20s.

On the other hand, some players rebound from injuries—particularly when their contracts are up. Had he not been injured in the car crash, perhaps Parsons would have dedicated himself over the summer to getting healthy. Also, even if his NBA career would have been over, he presumably could have still earned substantial income playing overseas, including in China or Europe. His attorneys would provide testimony and empirical data to that effect.

The ability of Parsons to establish that the DUI driver owes him millions of dollars and the ability of Parsons to collect any damages are two very different topics. While we don’t know much about the driver (other than that he appears to be completely irresponsible), most people don’t have millions of dollars saved and most don’t own homes worth millions of dollars they could sell to pay a seven- or eight-figure judgment. If the driver doesn’t have the money to pay Parsons, and if he doesn’t earn it in the years ahead, Parsons wouldn’t be able to collect money owed to him.

The driver’s automobile liability insurance is also not known. Georgia law requires that drivers carry auto insurance, with minimum limits of bodily injury liability of $25,000 per person and $50,000 per occurrence. Perhaps this driver has purchased enough insurance that his insurer would pay Parsons several hundred thousand dollars. Even then, the payout would not pay Parsons the value of the minimum NBA salary for a player of his experience ($2.3 million).

Michael McCann is SI’s Legal Analyst. He is also an attorney and the Director of the Sports and Entertainment Law Institute at the University of New Hampshire Franklin Pierce School of Law.

Former Florida QB Feleipe Franks Transferring to Arkansas

January 21, 2020 at 02:04AM

The Razorbacks picked up a quarterback transfer on Monday evening.

Former Florida Gators quarterback Feleipe Franks is transferring to Arkansas.

He announced the news Monday evening on his Instagram page, writing "New Beginnings."

He will enroll immediately and go through spring practice with the Razorbacks. As a graduate transfer, he will be eligible to play in games next fall. He went on an official visit to Fayetteville on Sunday and chose Arkansas over Kansas and UCF among others.

Franks missed most of the 2019 season due to season-ending ankle surgery. He finished the 2019 year with just 698 passing yards and five touchdowns, adding 68 yards and a score on the ground. 

As a redshirt freshman in 2017, Franks played in 11 games and finished the year with nearly 1,500 passing yards and nine touchdowns. In 2018, he threw for nearly 2,500 passing yards and 24 touchdowns in 13 games of action. 

But on Dec. 1, Franks announced his intention to transfer, writing, "It has been my dream to play at the University of Florida. To play for a top program and contribute to winning games. I have been fortunate to meet as many amazing people as I have while being here, coaches, players, and fans as well."

In Franks's absence this season, redshirt junior QB Kyle Trask led the Gators to an 8–2 record as the starter, capped off by an Orange Bowl victory over Virginia. Trask's backup, Emory Jones, also showed occasional flashes through the season, and could compete for the starting job in spring camp. 

The Razorbacks went through five quarterbacks on their way to a 2–10 record in 2019. In early December 

the school hired former Georgia assistant Sam Pittman as its next head coach, replacing Chad Morris, who failed to win an SEC game in just over one season with the Hogs.

Arkansas has had a losing record in each of their last three years.

Warriors vs. Trail Blazers Live Stream: Watch Online, TV Channel, Start Time

January 21, 2020 at 02:00AM

Find out how to watch Warriors vs. Trail Blazers on Monday night.

Trying to stay on the fringes of the Western Conference playoff race, Damian Lillard and the Trail Blazers look to avoid a third straight loss Monday night when they host the Golden State Warriors.

How to Watch:

When: Monday, Jan. 20

Time: 10:00 p.m. ET


Live Stream: fuboTV (

try for free)

Portland (18-26) is three games behind Memphis for the eighth and final playoff spot in the West, but also must overtake Phoenix and San Antonio in the process. The Trail Blazers have dropped 10 of 14 since a season-best four-game winning streak from Dec. 16-21 and are coming off back-to-back losses following a 119-106 setback at Oklahoma City on Saturday night.

Lillard scored 34 points despite an upper respiratory illness and Gary Trent Jr. provided a career-high 30 off the bench to make up for the absence of an injured CJ McCollum. However, Portland struggled defensively on the interior as the Thunder carved them up for 64 points in the paint.

The Blazers just completed a five-player trade with Sacramento on Sunday in which the they shipped Kent Bazemore and Anthony Tolliver to the Kings in exchange for Trevor Ariza, Wenyen Gabriel and Caleb Swanigan.

The deal shaved $12.5 million off Portland's team salary, with Bazemore making $19.3 million in 2019-20, but averaging just 7.9 points and 4.0 rebounds.

Lillard enjoys facing the Warriors and has averaged 27.7 points in 26 career games vs. Golden State, but has averaged 32.7 in the last nine. The four-time All-Star has topped 30 points in both meetings against the Warriors this season and totaled 31 points and a season high-tying 13 assists in the most recent December matchup.

Injuries have derailed Golden State (10-34), and the reigning five-time Western Conference champion enters this contest with the worst record in the NBA. The Warriors, though, are seeking back-to-back wins after knocking off Orlando 109-95 on Saturday night behind 26 points from D'Angelo Harrison and 21 off the bench by rookie Jordan Poole. Golden State has won back-to-back games on only one other occasion, its four-game winning streak from Dec. 20-27.

Fellow rookie Eric Paschall continued his impressive season with 20 points. The second round pick is averaging 13.8 points, while coach Steve Kerr works with a team missing injured All-Stars Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and do-everything swingman Draymond Green.

Terrorism laws to get tougher within weeks, government vows

Offenders will face more time in jail as "hard truths" are faced after attacks, the Home Office says.

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Sperm donations from dead men should be allowed, study says

Research suggests the method could help curb a growing shortage of UK donations.

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Young offenders in 'harmful solitary confinement' in England and Wales

The prisons inspectorate finds "flaws" in policy of separating young offenders in England and Wales.

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Newspaper headlines: Harry 'flies to Canada' and Lord Hall steps down

Tuesday's front pages carry a mix of stories, including on the royals and the BBC's director general.

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14 Times Adults Were Definitely Having A Laugh At Kids' Expense

Sorry, kids, LOL.

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Δευτέρα, 20 Ιανουαρίου 2020

Australia fires: Your questions about arson, travel and recovery

Your questions about the Australia bushfires.

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HPV puts 'strain' on millennial sex and dating

Changes to smear tests will mean more HPV diagnoses but there is concern over myths about the virus.

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Should schools be allowed to ban slang words like 'peng'?

Research suggests that slang bans in schools may be more harmful than good.

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UK-Africa summit: Wooing Africa after Brexit

Heads of state are meeting in London for a UK-Africa summit ahead of the UK's departure from the EU.

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How Dan Aykroyd went from battling spirits to selling them

Hollywood actor Dan Aykroyd is also the boss of a popular vodka company.

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36 Useful Things To Help Make Getting Through Your To-Do List Faster Than Ever

Work smarter and faster with these things.

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from BuzzFeed - Latest https://ift.tt/2twPDwk

49ers RB Tevin Coleman Exits NFC Championship With Shoulder Injury

January 20, 2020 at 02:44AM

Tevin Coleman added 21 yards on six carries as San Francisco seized a 17-0 lead over the Packers in the first half.

The 49ers lost a key member of their backfield in the first half of the NFC Championship on Sunday as running back Tevin Coleman exited the game with a shoulder injury. 

Coleman is questionable to return,

per the 49ers.

The former Falcons running back tallied six carries for 21 yards before exiting the game. He walked off the field with his arm being held by San Francisco trainers.

San Francisco's run game has dominated the Packers even without Coleman on Sunday. Raheem Mostert scored a pair of touchdowns in the first half, crossing the 100-yard mark with a 34-yard scamper into Green Bay territory. 

Follow along to the NFC Championship here. The winner will face the Chiefs in Super Bowl LIV

Power Rankings: Duke falls after a rough week

The Blue Devils had won nine in a row, but they dropped out of the Power Rankings' top 10 after losing to Clemson and Louisville.

from www.espn.com - TOP https://ift.tt/30BASo3

Fashion On The SAG Awards Red Carpet

Updating live!

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23 Hilarious And Weird Tweets About How Stuff Was Probably Invented

Guy who invented Monopoly: "I have too many friends."

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Michelle Obama's 2020 Workout Playlist Is Just One Big Vibe And I'm Down For It

Someone please put this on Spotify.

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Wanna Know Which Iconic Zendaya Look Matches Your Personality? Take This Quiz To Find Out

Zendaya should be crowned Queen of Fashion™.

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Εν ψυχρώ εκτέλεση στα Βλάχικα: Τους σκότωσαν μπροστά στις οικογένειές τους – Νέα στοιχεία (Pics) - Newsbomb.gr

Εν ψυχρώ εκτέλεση στα Βλάχικα: Τους σκότωσαν μπροστά στις οικογένειές τους – Νέα στοιχεία (Pics)  Newsbomb.gr

from Ελλάδα - Πιο πρόσφατα - Ειδήσεις Google https://ift.tt/37b0oDi

Έγκλημα στο Ηράκλειο: Ο δράστης παρακολουθούσε το σπίτι της εν διαστάσει συζύγου του - Zougla

  1. Έγκλημα στο Ηράκλειο: Ο δράστης παρακολουθούσε το σπίτι της εν διαστάσει συζύγου του  Zougla
  2. Δολοφονία στην Κρήτη: Τι κατέθεσε η εν διαστάσει σύζυγος του δράστη - ΒΙΝΤΕΟ  www.enikos.gr
  3. Δολοφονία - Μοίρες: Ο δράστης παρακολουθούσε το σπίτι της εν διαστάσει συζύγου του  Ethnos
  4. Φονικό στις Μοίρες: Τι κατέθεσε η εν διαστάσει σύζυγος του δράστη  Cretalive.gr
  5. Φονικό στις Μοίρες: Η κατάθεση της εν διαστάσει συζύγου!  GOODnet.gr
  6. Προβολή πλήρους κάλυψης στην εφαρμογή Ειδήσεις Google

from Ελλάδα - Πιο πρόσφατα - Ειδήσεις Google https://ift.tt/2G7LG3S

Chiefs TE Travis Kelce Channels Beastie Boys in AFC Championship Celebration

January 20, 2020 at 02:05AM

Kelce quoted the Beastie Boys classic "(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party!)" after the Chiefs beat the Titans in the AFC Championship.

Are we sure Rob Gronkowski didn't relocate to Kansas City? Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce pulled off his best Gronkowski impression after

Kansas City's AFC Championship win on Sunday, quoting the Beastie Boys on the celebration podium.

"I learned one thing since I've been here," Kelce told CBS broadcaster Jim Nantz. "You've gotta fight, for your right, to party!"

Kelce and the Chiefs' offense certainly earned their right to party on Sunday as they advanced to Super Bowl LIV. Kelce caught three of Patrick Mahomes' 23 completions at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, and Mahomes finished the afternoon with 294 passing yards and three touchdowns. Mahomes also added a 27-yard touchdown run to close the first half.

Kansas City snapped a 50-year Super Bowl drought on Sunday. The Chiefs last appeared in the Super Bowl in 1970, defeating the Vikings in Super Bowl IV. 

Kelce is in his seventh year with the Chiefs. He has tallied over 1,000 receiving yards in four straight seasons. 

Chiefs Coast By Titans, Head To Super Bowl

January 20, 2020 at 02:01AM

The Kansas City Chiefs are heading back to the Super Bowl for the first time since 1970 after defeating the Titans in the AFC Championship game 35-24.

Patrick Mahomes did what Tom Brady and Lamar Jackson couldn’t do in the playoffs and that’s beat the Titans. Kansas City was down 10-0 early but the Mahomes led speedy aerial attack heated up in the late second quarter, just like they did against the Texans when they stormed back down 24-0. Mahomes threw for 294 yards and three touchdowns. Tyreek Hill caught two of those scores. The Chiefs passer even led the team in rushing with 53 yards and ran in a touchdown that gave them the lead late in the first half. Sammy Watkins led Kansas City with 114 yards. Running back Damien Williams caught five passes for 44 yards picked up 45 yards on the ground with one score.

After pulling off two road upsets over the Patriots and top seeded Ravens, the Titans’ season comes to an end. They entered the post-season as the sixth seed in the AFC South after a 9-7 season. Tennessee was the first sixth seed to reach a Conference Championship game since 2010 (Packers). Running back Derrick Henry dominated both the Ravens and Patriots with a combined 377 rushing yards in the first two playoff games. But the Chiefs out rushed the Titans 112 to 85. Kansas City put up too many points on the board and forced the Titans to abandon the run in the second half. Henry had 19 carries in the first half but just five in the second half.

With their victory over the Titans, the Chiefs now claim the Lamar Hunt Trophy which is given to the Champions of the American Football Conference. Lamar Hunt was the founder of the American Football League and founder and owner of the Kansas City Chiefs.

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