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Ofsted seeks judgement-free approach to 'stuck schools'

Inspectors call for new freedom to inspect struggling schools without publishing a judgement.

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Love Island star Molly Mae's Insta post banned

The Advertising Standards Authority has upheld a complaint against the ITV reality star.

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Carrie Fisher's Daughter Billie Lourd Played Princess Leia In The Flashback Scene In "The Rise Of Skywalker"

I am suddenly very emotional and need a moment...and a tissue.

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We'll Guess If You're An Introvert Or Extrovert Based On The Milkshake You Make

Chocolate = extrovert.

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People Are Spreading False And Unverified Information About Iran's Missile Attack On US Bases In Iraq. Don't Be Fooled.

Information on social media includes outdated images and unverified casualty counts.

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Don’t Worry About Iranian Nukes Any Time Soon, Nuclear Experts Say

“I see no signs of Iran rushing to build a bomb, and doing so would almost certainly not be in their best interest,” said one expert.

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Trump Is Running Hundreds Of Facebook Ads Praising Himself For The Killing Of Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani

Within three days of the drone strike, the Trump campaign was using it to build support for his reelection.

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Red Sox Face Same Exhaustive Investigation for Sign Stealing as Astros

January 08, 2020 at 02:45AM

The MLB commissioner confirmed the league will investigate the Red Sox just as it has the Astros for sign-stealing allegations.

Major League Baseball has launched an investigation into

possible illegal sign-stealing by the Boston Red Sox in 2018 that commissioner Rob Manfred promised will follow the template of the one into allegations against the Houston Astros in 2017 and 2018. Manfred characterized the Houston investigation last month as “probably the most thorough investigation that the commissioner’s office has ever undertaken.”

“We’re going to investigate the Red Sox allegations with the same thoroughness and vigor that we did Houston,” Manfred told SI Tuesday.

Like Houston, Boston faces severe discipline because the activities in question occurred after two warnings by MLB that defined the illegal use of technology: one in September 2017 and another, more tightly-worded regulation in March 2018.

Manfred telephoned Red Sox principal owner John Henry on Monday night to inform him of the investigation. “I’ve got no choice here,” the commissioner told Henry.

In the Houston investigation, which has taken three months, Major League Baseball interviewed more than 60 people and acquired more than 70,000 e-mails in addition to text messages obtained when club employees were required to turn over their phones. Henry asked Manfred if Red Sox personnel would be subject to the same type of disclosure. Manfred assured him that the same procedures will be used.

Major League Baseball learned of the possible Boston infraction during its investigation of the Astros. MLB planned to pursue those allegations privately but made public those efforts only after The Athletic reported the Red Sox violated MLB policy by using their replay monitor to decipher sign sequencing of opponents.

MLB is expected to announce penalties in the Houston investigation within the next two weeks. At the heart of the investigation are two allegations that occurred after Manfred put teams on notice in 2017 about the misuse of technology, which was prompted by his fining the Red Sox for using an Apple Watch to relay signs from a clubhouse monitor to the dugout.

The first allegation regarding the Astros was a scheme that according to sources lasted almost three months in the 2017 regular season in which the Astros stole opposing catchers’ signs from a monitor behind their home dugout that was connected to a centerfield camera. Astros personnel would alert the hitter when an off-speed pitch was coming by banging on a trash can.

MLB also investigated reports that in 2018 front office personnel ordered the surveillance of opposing dugouts with cameras.

In addition to severe fines, the Astros almost certainly face the forfeiture of multiple high draft picks because Manfred’s September 2017 memo specifically warned “future violations of this type will be subject to more serious sanctions, including the possible loss of draft picks.” Access to talent is considered a more pernicious penalty than fines.

Manfred is not expected to act against individual players, especially given the difficulty of proving who designed or benefited from such a system. Management personnel, including manager A.J. Hinch and general manager Jeff Luhnow, have more exposure. MLB holds them to a higher standard because of their leadership positions, even if only as overseers, if not participants.

During the 2017-18 offseason, Manfred and his office learned that sign stealing via electronic means had become common around the game, an unintended consequence of moving real-time replay monitors near dugouts for the sake of expediency.

On March 27, 2018, the commissioner’s office, under the signature of chief baseball operations officer Joe Torre, sent a three-page memo to all club presidents, general managers and assistant general managers defining the limits of technology. Manfred’s intention was to remove whatever lack of clarity may have existed from his 2017 warning.

The second page of the memo plainly states, “Electronic equipment, including game feeds in the Club replay room and/or video room, may never be used during a game for the purpose of stealing the opposing team’s signs.”

In the same paragraph, the memo doubles down on the regulation by stating, this time in boldface type, “To be clear, the use of any equipment in the clubhouse or in the club’s replay or video rooms to decode opposing club’s signs during the game violates this regulation.

MLB is investigating whether the Red Sox violated that regulation in the regular season by players using the replay monitor to learn the sequence of signs used by opposing teams. Knowledge of those signs could be used when a runner reached second base, whence he could alert the hitter of the type of pitch.

In 2018 Boston posted an OPS with runners in scoring position of .872, the highest in the majors and the highest in the previous 12 years. (Seventy-seven percent of those plate appearances occurred with a runner at second.)

Such violations would have been far more difficult in the postseason because MLB stationed security agents around replay monitors, a practice that continued in the 2019 regular season.

According to sources, Manfred is considering two different avenues to further guard against the illegal use of technology: additional technology that would involve electronic means of transmitting the catcher’s signs to the pitcher, or the elimination of all technology except the replay monitor. Video rooms, for instance, would be shut down once the first pitch is thrown.

Κακοκαιρία «Ηφαιστίων»: Δοκιμάζεται η Κρήτη - Πρώτο ΘΕΜΑ

  1. Κακοκαιρία «Ηφαιστίων»: Δοκιμάζεται η Κρήτη  Πρώτο ΘΕΜΑ
  2. Σφυροκοπά τη χώρα ο Ηφαιστίων: Κλειστά σχολεία και δεμένα πλοία στα λιμάνια  Madata.gr
  3. Ηφαιστίων: Σε Εύβοια και Κρήτη οι περισσότερες βροχοπτώσεις - χιονοπτώσεις | naftemporiki.gr  naftemporiki.gr
  4. Προβολή πλήρους κάλυψης στην εφαρμογή Ειδήσεις Google

from Ελλάδα - Πιο πρόσφατα - Ειδήσεις Google https://ift.tt/2QzeyIC

Κακοκαιρία Ηφαστίων: Τοπικά πυκνές χιονοπτώσεις και άνεμοι 10 μποφόρ - LiFO

Κακοκαιρία Ηφαστίων: Τοπικά πυκνές χιονοπτώσεις και άνεμοι 10 μποφόρ  LiFOΠροβολή πλήρους κάλυψης στην εφαρμογή Ειδήσεις Google

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Απίστευτο! Δείτε πώς έγιναν τα χέρια μαθήτριας που έπαιζε με το χιόνι (ΣΚΛΗΡΕΣ ΕΙΚΟΝΕΣ) - Newsbomb.gr

Απίστευτο! Δείτε πώς έγιναν τα χέρια μαθήτριας που έπαιζε με το χιόνι (ΣΚΛΗΡΕΣ ΕΙΚΟΝΕΣ)  Newsbomb.gr

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Γιος αστυνομικού ένας εκ των συλληφθέντων για τον θάνατο του 28χρονου Βούλγαρου - Documento

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  3. Νεκρός οπαδός στη Θεσσαλονίκη : Ελεύθερη η οδηγός – Ποινική δίωξη για 11 αδικήματα στους δύο συλληφθέντε  In.gr
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Soleimani assassination: US airbase in Iraq hit by ballistic missiles in retaliation

Troops have been on alert after the US killed top Iranian commander Qasem Soleimani on Friday.

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Travelex customers 'thousands of pounds out of pocket'

The criminals behind the hack told the BBC they are demanding $6m (£4.6m)

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The Papers: Harry and Meghan back to work and Cyprus rape case

No single story dominates Wednesday's papers, which cover everything from Brexit to the Iran crisis.

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Jennifer Aniston Called Out Ryan Seacrest For Buying "Her Home" And It Was Hilariously Awkward

Rich people problems!

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Wanna Know Who Has A Crush On You? Answer These Questions To Find Out

It could be anyone!

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Iran Says It Fired "Tens" Of Missiles At A Major US Military Base In Iraq

"The President has been briefed and is monitoring the situation closely and consulting with his national security team," the White House said.

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12 Sobering Photos Of Australia's Bushfire Smoke Reaching South America

Experts predict smoke from the wildfires may have also reached the Antarctic.

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Raiders Rookie RB Josh Jacobs Buys House for Dad

January 08, 2020 at 02:24AM

Jacobs made the purchase after leading all rookies in rushing yards in 2019.

Raiders running back Josh Jacobs capped an impressive rookie season on Tuesday by buying a house for his dad, Marty.

Jacobs tweeted that he "bought my pops a house" on Tuesday afternoon, and the Raiders later tweeted a video of Jacobs' gift to his father.

The Alabama product detailed his childhood in Tulsa, Okla., in 2019, noting he and his four siblings would at times have to live out of a car. 

"Sleeping in the car, I always look back on it," Jacobs said, according to ESPN's Paul Gutierrez. "It's always going to be something that molded me into who I am. It might have been rough, but, I mean, it's my life."

Jacobs earned a four-year, $11.9 million contract upon being selected with the No. 24 pick in the 2019 draft. He rushed for a rookie-leading 1,150 yards this season, adding seven touchdowns. 

Browns to Interview Josh McDaniels, Jim Schwartz for Head Coach Opening

January 08, 2020 at 02:04AM

Cleveland is the lone team remaining with a head coaching job to fill.

The Browns are the final team with a head coaching vacancy after the Panthers and Giants landed their respective new coaches on Tuesday, and Cleveland appears to have no shortage of options. 

Cleveland management has already interviewed Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy and Ravens offensive coordinator Greg Roman, as well as 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh. And Cleveland has a slate of interviews planned to close the week, per ESPN's

Adam Schefter

Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz will meet with Cleveland on Wednesday, per Schefter. Schwartz has been in Philadelphia for four seasons, and he previously went 29–51 in five years with the Lions from 2009-13. 

The Browns will interview a pair of offensive coordinators after Schwartz. Vikings OC Kevin Stefanski is slated to meet with Cleveland on Thursday, followed by Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. The Pats' OC accepted the Colts' head coaching vacancy in February 2018, but he quickly reversed course and returned to New England

Cleveland hopes to have a deal with a new head coach by Saturday, per Schefter

The Browns' new head coach will be the franchise's eighth since 2010. Freddie Kitchens lasted one season in Cleveland before being fired on Dec. 29. 

The Browns finished third in the AFC North in 2019 at 6–10. They have not made the playoffs since 2002. 

Cavs' Kevin Love Regrets Recent 'Childish' Outbursts During Games

January 08, 2020 at 01:56AM

The Cavs forward spoke openly and in-depth for the first time since an outburst on the bench in Toronto and for showing up his teammates and coaches during a loss to OKC.

CLEVELAND – Kevin Love knows he should have better handled his recent frustrations.

He was childish.

''I wasn't acting like a 31-year-old, I was acting like a 13-year-old,'' Love said. ''That was not me.''

The Cavaliers star forward spoke openly and in-depth Tuesday for the first time since an outburst on the bench in Toronto last week and for showing up his teammates and coaches during a loss to Oklahoma City on Saturday.

Love threw his arms up in disgust several times on the floor, fired a hard pass in anger and had his back turned on defense as one of the Thunder's players streaked past him for a basket.

Also, before that game, Love got into a verbal exchange with general manager Koby Altman because he was angry at being fined for losing his cool against the Raptors on Dec. 31. Love said the situation was overblown in the media and that he and Altman spoke before Sunday's game against Minnesota and are on good terms.

''I went in there and talked to Koby about it in conversation,'' Love said following the morning shootaround as the Cavs prepared to host Detroit. ''Came to the arena, Koby and I were great, gave him a (fist) pound right when I came in. There was no altercation, there was no screaming match, you can ask him, that's what it was.''

Love has been the subject of trade rumors almost since the moment he arrived in Cleveland five years ago, and it's likely the young and rebuilding Cavs will deal him before the Feb. 6 deadline to add future assets.

Not long after LeBron James left as a free agency following the 2017 season, the Cavs signed Love to a four-year, $120 million contract. They wanted him to be the center piece of their rebuild but things haven't gone exactly as planned as the team has made a coaching change and move several veteran players.

Love could be next. But he has no regrets about staying with Cleveland.

''No,'' he said when asked if he wished he hadn't signed the deal. ''It's there. Everybody wants to paint a narrative that I didn't want to be here and just signed it because it was there. No, I've always wanted to be here. I don't know what the next few weeks are going to hold and this has been a frustrating situation and I know this is a team that's rebuilding and wants to go young.

''I've accepted that. Let the chips fall where they may.''

Love has been open in the past about his struggles with anxiety and depression. He's become a national advocate for mental wellness. The stress of the past two seasons have taken a toll, but he said he's learning to cope when faced with challenges.

''I think you have to see all sides of it, and I've had to take a step back the last number of years and do that as well,'' he said. ''Seeing things in their entirety when things are bad, when things are kind of not at a place where you want them to be is super hard. I think that transcends the basketball court, professional sports, any walk of life. I think we can all be better.''

Love acknowledged his failings over the past weeks and vowed to learn from them. He's had a hard time coping with the reality that he's not going to win another NBA title with Cleveland, but that can't affect the ways he acts toward teammates, coaches, fans and media members.

He's a work in progress.

''I've been at ease,'' he said. ''People ask me, `Hey, are you OK?' and `What's going on?' I'm like, I'm good. Listen ... I showed my actions on a national level. That was childish of me, and just goes to show you, I'm an unfinished product, like anybody.

''That's why I speak to you guys not Kevin Love the basketball player, as a human because it's no B.S. I just want to be authentic. I know I can get a lot better, and that can't go on here, especially when you have young guys that you are trying to help and I told that I would help.

''So, I got to be a better leader, but also a better person as somebody who has more often than not a majority of the time done the right thing, said the right thing, and shown that I can.''

Man United's mismanagement laid bare for all to see

Manchester United probably needs new players in January, and it probably needs a new manager.

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