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28 Cozy Things That’ll Give You An Excuse To Stay Home

Brb, canceling all my plans that involve going outside.

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Packers Embracing Their Ugly Way of Winning

January 11, 2020 at 02:57AM

The Packers finished with a 13-3 record and received a first-round bye in the playoffs, but their wins haven't always come easily this season.

No. 12’s words are powerful. When media and analysts and other teams doubt the Packers, Aaron Rodgers has a habit of using his press conference platform to issue a catchy proclamation to prove his confidence in his guys. In 2014,

it was “R-E-L-A-X.” In 2016, “run the table.” And when he doesn’t coin a motto that becomes a rallying cry for the fanbase, his silence says just as much. Rodgers is an honest orator, he won’t make a declaration if the doubters are right and his team isn’t the real deal, as was the case last season. 

But this year, the edict came right on schedule. After a 20-15 win over the lowly Washington football team that had analysts criticizing the Packers' offense and lack of consistent production, Rodgers declared, “I wouldn’t mind winning ugly all the way to the Super Bowl. Winning is the only thing that matters. Even in the midst of some of these games that aren’t great flow the entire time, we are winning.”

Historically, Green Bay gets hot after Rodgers conjures up a team motto. In 2014, after a 1-2 start, the Packers finished 12-4 and lost to the Seahawks in overtime in the NFC Championship game. In 2016, they did indeed “run the table” and won their last six games, before losing to the Falcons in the NFC Championship. And this season, Green Bay closed out each of the last three games after the Winning Ugly quote with three more victories, all of the ugly variety.

The Packers finished 18th in total offense (yards per game) and were never higher than 17th in the rankings after Week 8. Rodgers went without a passing touchdown in three games this season (all victories), seven of their wins were by just one score, Green Bay lost the turnover margin (typically an indicator of defeat) in two wins. Only one of Green Bay’s multiple-score wins came against a playoff team (Minnesota) and two of their three losses came to non-playoff teams (Eagles, Chargers). The offense has struggled to find consistent production, but a revamped defense and reliable special teams have kept the Packers alive in games long enough for the offense to find a flow.

“People pay attention when we’re winning,” says starting safety Adrian Amos, an offseason free-agent signee. “Rodgers is a very cerebral person, so I feel like he probably says stuff like that every year, it's just when you start winning after he says stuff like that, then it is remembered and it gets blown up.”

After Rodgers’s winning ugly assessment, running back Jamaal Williams posted a photo from the game to his Instagram story with the text: “Ugly Wins. The keyword is win.”

“I really just get the keyword out of it,” Williams says. “Of course we want to win in a more fashionable type of way, but it's the NFL and everybody gets paid to make plays. They start out ugly but it's the way we keep fighting and we don't stop until the game is over with until we come out with the W.”

The term ugly win is commonplace in the league, so what does it really mean to these Packers?

“It’s one of two things,” says cornerback Josh Jackson. “One, it's either a better game plan or execution by the team that is winning and two, it is the desire to finish out a game. When A-Rod says winning ugly, it doesn't really mean you have 20 bad positions and somehow you luckily come out with the dub. It's staying the course, doing the right thing. A lot of the times we were the more talented team and we're sometimes not on point with what we have to do. Sometimes we are on point [Denver, 27-16, Dallas, 34-24, Oakland, 42-24, Carolina, 24-16, New York, 31-13], and we are dominating. We are able to be more athletic, be more together, and execute better, so I think that's what winning ugly is.”

What was the ugliest win this season? Most Packers teammates agreed it was the last game they played, the regular-season finale, a 23-20 victory over the 3-12-1 Lions. It was only fitting for this Packers team to close out the season with their ugliest win to top all the ugly wins. Rodgers was 27-of-55 for 323 yards, two touchdowns and an interception. For the second time this season, he connected on less than half of his attempts. The Lions' offense caught the Packers with a trick play touchdown.

“Shoot, probably that last one,” Williams says, laughing. “That last one was pretty bad. It had a little more meaning at the end because if we didn't get that we probably wouldn't have had a bye, we wouldn't have been able to go into the playoffs ready to go, so I feel like that was the one where it was a real ugly one.”

The Packers never led in either win over Detroit until the very end, and in the first matchup with the Lions, Green Bay gave up three turnovers, yet still won.

“I also think that last game was probably the hardest game too. I think just having to close that out, a 12-3 team going against a 3-11 team, you know they are going to give you their best shot because they have really nothing to play for. I think for us, it's like, you have to bring that type of energy.”

Securing that first-round bye came down to kicker Mason Crosby, who drilled a 33-yard field goal to win the game. Crosby also kicked a 23-yard game-winner in the first Detroit game this season. He recognizes the direct correlation between winning ugly and his own job.

“So if we have to kick field goals, is it ugly?” Crosby says. “Is that how it is? I don't take offense to it. I'll be happy to win ugly every game if we had to. If that's what it means.”

This divisional-round matchup against Seattle is a fitting one. Both teams' records are much prettier than their play has been, and the Seahawks have been fluky winning all season.

Players say that though the media and fans have latched onto the Winning Ugly mantra, it hasn’t taken hold inside the locker room because it’s in direct opposition of their goal. “Throughout the week the game plan is to not win ugly, the game plan is to win normally,” says Jackson.

Head coach Matt LaFleur purposely made sure his team didn’t have too many rest days during the first-round bye last week. He needs his team to start fast against Seattle, something the Packers have rarely done this season. But if it comes down to it, the Super Bowl is only two wins away, whether ugly or pretty. 

Sultan Qaboos of Oman dies aged 79

The sultan deposed his father in a bloodless coup in 1970 and then set Oman on a path to development.

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Χαλκιδική: Επίθεση από τέσσερα αδέσποτα δέχτηκε ένας 11χρονος - Πρώτο ΘΕΜΑ

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«Η ομάδα ΔΙΑΣ επιτίθεται στo 18 Άνω»: Καταγγελία για προκλητική συμπεριφορά σε θεραπευόμενους - LiFO

«Η ομάδα ΔΙΑΣ επιτίθεται στo 18 Άνω»: Καταγγελία για προκλητική συμπεριφορά σε θεραπευόμενους  LiFOΠροβολή πλήρους κάλυψης στην εφαρμογή Ειδήσεις Google

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Νέο μπαράζ πτήσεων τουρκικών μαχητικών αεροσκαφών πάνω από το Καστελλόριζο - Η Καθημερινή

Νέο μπαράζ πτήσεων τουρκικών μαχητικών αεροσκαφών πάνω από το Καστελλόριζο  Η Καθημερινή

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Sources: Lakers extend Pelinka amid promotion

The Lakers are extending the contract of Rob Pelinka, sources told ESPN on Friday, the same day the team announced he is adding vice president of basketball operations to his general manager title.

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Can You Get These 8 Easy “Jeopardy! The Greatest Of All Time” Questions Right?

Make Ken, Brad, James, and Alex proud.

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Can We Guess If You're A Picky Or Adventurous Eater?

"Would you like to see a kids' menu?"

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Build A Girlfriend To Discover What Your 2020 Relationship Status Will Be

Will you find the one?

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Lakers Promote Rob Pelinka to VP of Basketball Operations, GM

January 11, 2020 at 02:23AM

The Lakers are rewarding Pelinka for his recent success as the team's general manager.

The Lakers have promoted Rob Pelinka to Vice President of Basketball Operations and General Manager,

the team announced Friday. His contract has  been extended from his initial five-year deal, according to ESPN's Ramona Shelburne and Adrian Wojnarowski. 

Pelinka was first hired as the team's GM in March of 2017 following Mitch Kupchak's dismissal. Pelinka was the longtime agent of Kobe Bryant before joining the team's front office.

"I'm extremely pleased with the work Rob has done in order to put this franchise in a position for success," Lakers governor Jeanie Buss said.  "His strong leadership skills, as well as his commitment to building a winning  culture, both on and off the court, have brought us one step closer to being a championship-caliber team and I look forward to our continued work together." 

Pelinka was initially brought in alongside Magic Johnson, who was previously the team's President of Basketball Operations. Pelinka remained in the GM role following Johnson's departure last season. 

"We have worked closely with Rob for many years and have firsthand experience with his knowledge of the league and the business of basketball,'' Buss said upon hiring Pelinka. ''In our recent discussions, it was clear that he also shares our goal of returning the Lakers to being an elite NBA franchise."

Pelinka is already on the second head coach of his brief tenure as the team hired Frank Vogel last May. He helped orchestrate Anthony Davis's arrival this past June in a mega-deal and signed LeBron James in July 2018.

The Lakers currently own the best record in the Western Conference. They visit Dallas Friday night to face off against the Mavericks. Tip-off is set for 9:45 p.m. ET.  

Ex-UNC coach Hatchell charged in fatal accident

The former women's basketball coach at the University of North Carolina has been charged in connection with an accident that killed an elderly pedestrian, police said Friday.

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Pulisic: U.S. 'definitely should have qualified' in '18

Christian Pulisic has echoed the comments of Jurgen Klinsmann, telling ESPN that the U.S. "had quality" to make a deep run at the 2018 World Cup.

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These 12 Moral Questions Will Determine If You'd Get Into "The Good Place"

Yes, this quiz will reveal if you're actually a good person or not.

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Answer Some Questions And We'll Drop A Serious Truth Bomb On You

Are you mentally prepared because this is shocking.

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Don't Freak Out When We Guess Which Disney World Theme Park Is Your Favorite With 100% Accuracy

It's the most magical place on Earth!

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Which Celebs Have You Spotted In TV Shows Before They Were Famous?

The Rock was in Hannah Montana?!

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Inside the Decision to Move the U.S. National Soccer Team Training Site From Qatar

January 11, 2020 at 02:15AM

U.S. Soccer altered its plans to hold its January camp in Qatar, the site of the 2020 World Cup. Here's how the decision was made.

At 9:35 p.m. ET on January 2, Tom King, U.S. Soccer’s managing director of administration, was two hours into a 14-hour flight from Chicago to Doha on Qatar Airways Flight 726 when an unsettling email landed in his inbox. The subject line was “Latest News from Iraq,” and it contained a link to a news story that would shake the world. The U.S. had killed Iranian general Qassim Suleimani, the nation’s second-most powerful figure, in a missile strike in Baghdad.

The possibility of a new war in the Middle East had just increased dramatically, and it meant that King had a problem, too. For the last 25 years, the genial Brit has been in charge of

scheduling games and arranging all travel aspects for the U.S. national teams. It’s a job that requires the skills of foreign diplomacy, large-scale logistics and, in this case, crisis management. The USMNT was set to begin a three-week training camp in Doha, with players arriving less than 48 hours later, and now news reports were saying that Americans in the Middle East could be targets for reprisal.

King, who was joined on the flight by team administrator Sam Zapatka and equipment manager Kyle Robertson, digested the news and got to work. “We were aware of the protest situation outside the U.S. embassy in Baghdad [starting December 31], so we knew there were some issues going on in the area,” King told SI.com in an interview. “So for the preceding 24 hours before departure we were already in contact with the embassy in Doha to discuss that and make sure from a security standpoint there were no concerns. But as soon as the [Suleimani] attack had happened, I immediately contacted our primary security contact at the embassy and arranged to meet him as soon as we landed.”

King’s plane landed in Doha at 4:40 p.m. local time (8:40 a.m. ET) on January 3. By 6 p.m., he was sitting down with officials from the U.S. embassy at his hotel to discuss the situation in detail. The meeting lasted three hours.


Security is a big thing when it comes to the U.S. national soccer teams. They’re a symbol of America in the world’s most popular sport, after all.

Much of the security around U.S. teams is not conspicuous, but some is. At World Cup 2002 in South Korea, less than a year after 9/11, the USMNT had even more guards than usual, including an armed officer next to the bench during games. Four years earlier, European law enforcement made more than 100 arrests and broke up a terrorist plot backed by Osama bin Laden that planned to attack three locations during World Cup ’98 in France: The USMNT at its hotel in Paris, the England-Tunisia game in Marseille and a nuclear reactor in central France.

“On every single international trip we take, not only the men and women but every single youth team, we interface with a regional security officer in the embassy of the country that we’re going to,” King explained. “The security plan is taken care of in conjunction with local authorities based on any concerns they may have.”

By 9 p.m. in Doha on January 3, King concluded his meeting with U.S. embassy officials. Next came individual phone calls to U.S. coach Gregg Berhalter, sporting director Earnie Stewart and Brian Remedi, the acting chief administrative officer of U.S. Soccer. Then came a conference call with the senior leadership of the federation, including president Carlos Cordeiro.

They were following a process to reach a decision as quickly as possible. But on the ground in Doha, King had a sense in his gut. “It didn’t feel right to me to keep the camp [in Qatar],” he said. “It just didn’t feel right.”


Gregg Berhalter woke up in Chicago on the morning of January 3 and saw a missed call on his cell phone from Stewart. Berhalter was planning to leave for Doha that evening with several other staff members, a day before the players were set to do so. Now he got Stewart back on the phone. “The first call with Earnie was, ‘O.K., what’s the situation?’” Berhalter said. “’What does it mean for the team? And what do we need to do?’ To me, the most important factors were if there’s going to be a change, how quickly can we get information and make new plans?”

The plan for having a three-week training camp in Qatar, the host of World Cup ’22, had been a sound one, Berhalter said. In the past, the U.S. has taken trips to World Cup hosting countries before the event, including to South Korea before 2002, to Germany before 2006, to South Africa before 2010 and to Brazil in January of 2014. “The idea of Qatar was a great idea, I think,” Berhalter explained, “to let the guys see what the environment is, to give them a goal to reach to make the World Cup and become familiar with the environment.” Several club teams like Bayern Munich and Ajax also spend their winter breaks in Doha, and the U.S. was planning to have some closed-door games, including one against Red Bull Salzburg.

When Berhalter spoke to King on the phone, though, it became clear that the circumstances had mitigated the benefits of the trip. “It was due to the uncertainty of the situation,” he said. “There was no longer an upside. We felt like we wouldn’t be able to get the most out of training.”

When U.S. Soccer had its conference call with senior leadership at 10:30 p.m. Doha time, there was no disagreement among the participants. They decided to change the site of the January camp. King said: “If you put the best interest of the players and staff in the center of the decision and balance that with the uncertainty of everything going on in the region … it really is important to draw the distinction between the region and Qatar itself, because the security issues within Qatar are extremely buttoned-down. But when you look at what’s going on now within the region as it relates to flight paths and things of this nature, even before the tragedy in Tehran [of a Ukrainian airline being shot down], just within the region it didn’t feel right. Even though we knew that the Qatar authorities would have done an admirable job in making sure every aspect of our stay was safe and secure, as they will in 2022 [if the U.S. qualifies].”


Cordeiro made the final decision on the conference call to move the training venue from Qatar, and then they followed a strict protocol sequence to communicate the news internally and externally. First, Cordeiro called his counterpart at the Qatari Football Association, Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Bin Ahmed Al Thani. Then they contacted staff members who were set to fly to Qatar that day to tell them plans had changed. Next came the U.S. players and their union, teams that U.S. Soccer had been making plans to play in Doha and the MLS clubs of the players.

More calls were made, and within two hours they had secured a new January camp location at the IMG Academy in Bradenton, Fla. More than 4,000 pounds of team gear had already arrived in Doha, including balls, training gear, medical and high-performance equipment and the mannequins you stick in the ground to form a wall in training. Now all of that had to be shipped to Miami, then put on a truck and taken up to Bradenton.

The final shipment wasn’t set to arrive on the Gulf Coast—from the Persian Gulf to the Gulf of Mexico—until midnight on Friday. But U.S. Soccer staffers always have contingencies in place if customs don’t work on time, and so they had enough gear to start training sessions last Tuesday morning with the players.

“To me, it’s incredible that our first session was going to be on Monday afternoon in Doha, and we ended up training Tuesday morning in Bradenton,” Berhalter said.

Before he left Qatar, King—ever the diplomat—made sure to visit with four entities and leave on good terms. “I wanted to meet personally with the QFA, with the Aspire Academy, with the hotel and with the State Department and just make sure those four entities understood why we took the decision we did,” he said, “and just to make sure we left Qatar with everybody understanding how much we appreciated the incredible support they had given us setting up the camp. And we certainly plan on coming back before too long.”

Quite likely, he said, in January 2022.

Neil Peart: Rush drummer dies aged 67 after cancer battle

The musician, considered one of rock's greatest ever drummers, had been suffering from brain cancer.

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Newspaper headlines: Queen gives '72-hour deadline to resolve rift'

The Queen features on many of the front pages as talks continue over Prince Harry and Meghan's future.

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Σοβαρό τροχαίο στο Κιάτο: Αυτοκίνητο έπεσε σε υπόγειο γκαράζ (Pics) - Newsbomb.gr

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Καταγγελία για επίθεση αστυνομικών σε θεραπευόμενους του 18 Άνω - Η Εφημερίδα των Συντακτών

Καταγγελία για επίθεση αστυνομικών σε θεραπευόμενους του 18 Άνω  Η Εφημερίδα των ΣυντακτώνΠροβολή πλήρους κάλυψης στην εφαρμογή Ειδήσεις Google

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Viral το σκετσάκι ηθοποιού για την επίσκεψη Μητσοτάκη στις ΗΠΑ: «Ο Τραμπ τον είχε σαν ... - Documento

Viral το σκετσάκι ηθοποιού για την επίσκεψη Μητσοτάκη στις ΗΠΑ: «Ο Τραμπ τον είχε σαν ...  Documento

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